Our passion is education and technology, our mission – introducing sports, art, languages and other schools to the digital era.

The software we have created will make your schools easier to manage,
and your clients will handle most of the matters using a smartphone.

Our values


We want to change the market of extra-curricular activities and make it simpler and more friendly for the owners of various types of schools and their clients. We believe that together we are able to make an impact and incorporate new businesses into the digital world.

on the client

It is thanks to you – our clients – that we have a chance to develop. Hundreds of hours of talks, careful listening and being in constant contact allow us to introduce further improvements that will solve your problems. We put you first.

and understanding

We have an inner need to get into the skin of our clients, understand their everyday struggles and the most pressing problems or needs. We want to feel your situation as well as possible. This is our key to success.


As a company, we are an endlessly trusting team – each of us aiming at the same goal. We are united by a common mission, values and passions. We do not create artificial divisions, but share responsibilities and support each other.

They trusted us

...and over 1000 other schools

Our team

Improve your school with us!

With ActiveNow you will focus on what’s really important – taking care of your students. Leave the administration to us.