All the essential features for managing extracurricular activities

Managing classes

  • Interactive calendar adjusted to manage different type of classes
  • Cyclic and one time classes
  • Group and individual classes
  • Attendance register
  • Self-service make up classes
  • Instructor substitutions
  • E-register: homeworks, subjects and any other information
  • Calendar on your website

Online sign-ups

  • Sign-up form easily embedable on your website
  • Charging advance payments or full price duing the sign up
  • Appearance automatically adjusting to your website
  • Enabling sign up only after accepting Terms and Conditions
  • Elastic fields required from customers
  • Automatic e-mails with sign up confirmation
  • Tracking conversion from Google and Facebook ads
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Automatic billings calculation
  • Elastic pricing mechanisms
  • Automatic calculations of the total price dependent on weekly number of classes
  • Self-service online payments
  • Payment reminders with ability to pay online
  • Option to connect multiple bank accounts for transfers
  • Automatic instructor salaries calculator


  • Mass mailing to clients and groups
  • Text messages to clients and instructors
  • Automatic reminders about making up classes
  • Automatic reminders about overdue payments

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  • Print or export all your data to Excel
  • View the history of clients attendance
  • Employee settlements through working hours analysis
  • Control your school’s growth – Revenues analysis
  • Eliminate losses due to overdue payments – Arrears analysis
  • Focus on the most profitable classes – Average class revenue analysis
  • Control which clients are most likely to resign – Early-warning system


  • Manage camps and summer camps organised by your school
  • Simplify your customers lives with online sign-ups and payments

Client panel

  • Application for participants and parents
  • Payment for classes
  • Sign up for classes and camps
  • Self-reporting of absence
  • Automatic reclaiming date suggestions and option to sign up
  • Change and update of data by the participant
  • Information on your child’s progress
  • Information about class topics and homework
  • Panel also available in English version

Instructor panel

  • Application for instructors
  • Checking attendance via smartphone
  • Completion of information on the progress of participants
  • Completion of information on class topics or homework
  • Panel also available in English version

Reception panel

  • Dedicated accounts for receptionists
  • Option to specify which system functions the reception desk will have access to